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The Official T-shirt

             Our shirts are the way we attract, educate and make change to society. We do not flaunt these shirts or purposely bring attention to us wearing them. Simply, we wear them, walk and if someone takes notice, we give them a flyer filled with HIV information (looks more like a club flyer) and leave the scene.

That is the power of our shirt and technique. We target areas normally unassociated with HIV but filled with possible "participants". Malls, grocery stores, schools, clubs, parties, BBQ's, concerts and other venues are our concentrations. Who said change needs much energy? Buy T-shirts at the very bottom of the screen.



The Front:

This shirt gives truth that HIV looks like anyone. Thus, anyone can be infected.

Ex: That girl on the HIV ad looks just like me, young, pretty and in college. 

The Back

"Trust me" details words used to lure unprotected sexual encounters. 

Ex: Trust me girl, I do not have HIV, I am an athlete. 

The Front:

Horny: Represents how most people are infected with the virus, through sexual encounters. During that moment of heated passion, you are prone to less sensible thinking. This causes for a condom to be forgotten or not mentioned at all.


Infant: Mothers pass HIV to their babies via breast milk. Giving fact to not all people who have HIV deserve stones thrown at them. No one deserves the "stone bludgeoning" experience, however some are ridiculed for being "sinful" when they have done nothing wrong.


Virgin:  Sex is not the only way to contract HIV. Some become infected from needles or blood transfusions. Although blood transfusion infection is rare nowadays, people continue to use drugs via needle to body and spread the virus when sharing needles with uninfected people.


The Back

Believe me? Have you ever heard that before? A mate state, "Believe me, I know I could not have HIV. Look at me! I am not sick, weak or frail! There is not way I could be infected, forget the condom!"

This is a possible situation and the reason why we have pasted our shirts with the defining statement, "Believe me".