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Much like modern media outlets (MTV,BET, CNN...etc), people are used to being informed quickly and dramatically. Therefore, in order to defeat this virus and other social issues, we must blend with the "trend", tweak it and use it to our advantage. Thus, birth the "Passion Plan". 

The "Passion Plan" is a detailed, yet simple in action, movement that involves ordinary people educating their community. Our methods are completely radical and abnormal.

We mark areas that are not normally impacted with the information. Purposed to hit our targeted demographic (audience) when they least expect. Sometimes, where they are unlikely to hear this knowledge, maybe when they need it the most.

 Each month requires the chapters to complete a phase in the "12 Step" plan. One event a month is all we need to impact, inspire and involve our people.


Detail about phases:


Each month is an event called "phases". They work as a "mega" punch. Ex:  If I hit you in the eye, hard enough, you will not need to be hit the next day because you will still feel the sting and need to heal. Now, once you heal, wham! You will get another one, even harder. That is the way the phases work. They are simple yet powerful parts of the "passion plan" movement. Only 12 "phases" a year.


Phase one:


We have shirts that say "HIV Looks Like you" in bold lime Green on a black shirt. The members will wear the shirts, yet at midnight. Worn while you are walking down a busy club strip (where masses of people party and club hop). The idea is to shock them by the shirts and pass out HIV information. Hit them where they are not used to seeing HIV information.

The HIV information is not just a pamphlet with a list of ways to be infected. No, No, No, the "flyer" will look like a party to flyer; Sexy people on the front, graphics and attractive displays of pertinent facts about the virus.

Now, the audience will be more likely to read something that fits a model they already willingly expose themselves to. No pressure, no force, we pass out or means of education and walk away. That is phase one.

Only chapter Presidents will know the next phases. The media and press will find out days before and the day of our next phases.

V Look