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"Egypt" lost his mother, father and family in just one week. Imagine being too sad to cry. At the age of twelve, his father told him:  "I do not want you boy", and then proceeded to cancel child support a day after his mother died.

  "Egypt" lived with his older sister, Chastity, who made a living as a beautician and stripper. Living in cars, selling drugs, fighting, stealing clothes and being arrested on multiple occasions became his life.

 Yet, despite all these hardships, "Egypt” received his first degree while being on the "Dean's list", graduated with Phi Theta Kappa Honors, was the 147lbs Florida State boxing champion, and is an award winning actor.

Egypt took his anger and channeled it into a passion to improve others: much like his sister Chastity helped him.

In less then three years, "Egypt" has appeared on Apollo, BET, MTV, UPN, NBC, National Public Radio, SEVENTEEN Magazine, 2007/2008 Madison's Who's Who of business executives and professionals, 11 newspapers, 10 radio stations and 4 magazines all for his dynamic work educating people about HIV, Black history, sex, love and politics through motivational speaking, comedy, acting and poetry. He adopted the name "Egypt" because he plans to influence the world as the great African empire has influenced the earth. Ladies and gentlemen,” Egypt" also known as "Devin T. "Robinson X.

He created the AIDS Awareness Poets Inc. in 2003 to utilize his youth by making a difference in a way he appealed to. From that day, to now, he has not turned back.



Click to visit "Egypt's" website.

"Where there is injustice, there will be an AIDS Awareness Poet, educating"