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         The AIDS Awareness Poets Inc. (AAP) started off as a club at Palm Beach Community College in 2004. We used the arts and "in your face" tactics to inform about HIV, Black History and other social injustices. Devin T. Robinson X was a 20-year-old student who had many people who believed in his leadership and the mass education of people about HIV. Over 30 members attended each meeting. Our meetings were to last 15 minutes, maximum. Why so short? Concentrating on "helping the people" more so than "sitting and discussing how we will" is our belief.

         Within the first semester, AAP became nationally known and even placed on the Center for Disease Control  (U.S. Government) website. From that point, AAP gained steam across America. The clubs "Signature" event was the "AAP Campus Takeover!". It took place during the busiest time at the college, we would have music, poets, gifts, information and food at literally every outlet a person may enter or exit the campus. 2005 marked the end of the club. Before our departure, from the community college level, we hosted 40+ events. That is in just two semesters. A record that has yet to be matched by any college.

         In 2007, many states came together to recreate the AAP. Boasting amazing leadership skills, hope, ideas and determination that would launch this organization to new heights. Today, we stand as a reputable ally in the fight against HIV. Today, we stand as a focused opposition to the wrong in the world. Today, we stand as a group of young people who refuse to sit and wait for change. Today, we stand as the difference between doing and hoping.


This is our history, this is our fight, this is our legacy, this.... this is AAP.

Stuart Graclyn, Dr. McGavin, Venise, Gloria, Scott Beider and Jeff Surena were the founding members and advisors who made this possible.